Lorry Crane

Lorry crane also called truck mounted crane. It is similar to a mobile crane designed to travel on public roads. The truck features a standard crane which can carry loads ranging from 1 ton to even 1000 tons, accomplishing the need for lifting most types of cargo. The mobility of the truck gives them a great advantage, not requiring any external equipment in order to transport the cargo from a location to another being able to transport it by itself on the road. Lorry crane move rather slow when transporting heavy weight cargo but it is a great improvement over the stationary cranes.

lorry crane
lorry crane

Lorry crane are highly advantageous as they can travel to the site of work, eliminating the need for dedicated transportation and elaborate installation. In case of larger cranes, trailers may be used. It is also possible to dismantle some parts of the crane and assemble it again at the job site, to make transport easier. Our cranes are powered by single engines. The same engine powers the crane and the truck. Lorry crane is controlled by hydraulics, adjust operation speed, high efficiency, is the main stream of the current light crane and development direction.

Features and Parameter of Lorry Crane

  • Long telescopic boom, proprietary technology, strong load capacity, extremely well in performance lifting heavy cargo and wide working area.
  • Load sensing hydraulic system, good adaptability, high-accuracy flow control, strong lifting capacity, good micro-mobility, high operating efficiency.
  • The outrigger span is wide, which makes the crane more stable and safe.
  • Ergonomic design optimizes the operation system, which is easier to operate, high degree of user friendliness.
  • Chassis system was applied to Double-axle drive, it can keep reliable traveling performance even though in complicated traffic situation for its good trafficability and comfortableness.
  • Engine of lorry crane has the multimode power output function, which reduces power consumption.
  • Optimized structural design, Lighter crane weight, more transport capacity.
Max. Lifting Capacity t 3.2 5 8 13
Max. Lifting Torque KN.m 63 108 175 320
Max. Lifting Height m 8 11 22.5 18.5
Max. Boom Length m 6.4 8.6 19.5 16.6
Min. Boom Length m 3.2 2.2 2 2.5
Hook Hoisting Speed m/min 17 14 14 12

Telescopic Boom Lorry Crane VS Knuckle Boom Crane

Telescopic boom

  • Mother boom is one part only.
  • Telescopic section boom (after mother boom) that can extend and retract.
  • Winch mechanism as standard – loads are lifted through winch, hence crane capacity and winch capacity are the same.
  • Loads are lifted through hook linked to winch with a wire rope system.
  • Hook can be raised and lowered through wire rope system.
  • Hook can also be raised and lowered through mother boom luffing.
  • 360 degrees continuous slewing any direction.
  • Outriggers for stability.
  • Most hoses and cylinders are concealed within the body of the crane.

Knuckle boom

  • Mother boom divided into two parts – the first and second knuckle section.
  • Telescopic section boom (from second knuckle section onwards) that can extend and retract.
  • Load lifted using hook at the end of the boom or an attachment at the end of the boom.
  • Hook can be raised and lowered from first and second knuckle sections – luffing facility.
  • 360-400 degrees non-continuous slewing facility any direction.
  • Outriggers for stability.
  • Most hoses and cylinders are exposed.

Advantages of Telescopic Boom Cranes

Easier for load handling

The wire rope mechanism of telescopic boom lorry crane provide greater ability to reach over walls, fences and obstacles. It is reach high places as well as below ground level, to provide for higher productivity on the work site.It is also provides the capability to achieve greater depths in material handling operations.The wire rope allows lowering or raising of the hook from different depths. Knuckle booms have lesser flexibility in these operations.

Motion steady and accurate

With a wire rope system loads move up and down – one linear movement, telescopic boom lorry crane provide for safer handling of cargo through more accurate placement of loads. They lift straight up and down, making loading in narrow spaces possible, with reduced risk of damage to the cargo. Compare with the knuckle system loads move in an arced movement, linear movements always make judgements easier.

Greater durability and longer lifespan

Telescopic boom cranes contain hoses and cylinders that are concealed within the body of the crane and are therefore better protected against abrasions and the elements than knuckle-boom cranes, giving their components a greater durability and longer lifespan.

360-degree range of rotation

Telescopic boom of lorry crane is capable of handling cargo whether positioned high or low, as well as capable of hoisting them to any desired position effortlessly thanks to the boom’s continuous 360-degree range of rotation, while the rotational range of knuckle-boom cranes remains finite.

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